Online Growth

The growth of online music services offers huge possibilities for composers, songwriters and performing composers and songwriters to distribute their work internationally and to thus also collect royalties.

There are billions of streams that have to be registered and processed administratively and therefore a lot of costs have to be made to process/identify works of music that we do not represent. This demands state-of-the-art systems that can handle this volume and function reliably. As all CMOs are faced with this challenge, it seem logical to tackle this using a joint database. We do this in cooperation with the Swedish/British International Copyright Enterprise (ICE), founded by STIM (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyra, Sweden) and PRS (Performing Right Society, United Kingdom).

The general trend in this development is clear. Buma/Stemra is constantly working on ensuring that the collection of copyright revenues for our copyright owners is carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible. Because this is good for our members, because this contributes to a healthy collective and because it lays a foundation under the right of existence of collective rights management in the near future. We also want to demonstrate this as clearly as possible to our members, so that they can obtain a good understanding of what we do to serve their interests.