Interview: Menno Koningsberger

Menno_KoningsbergerChairman of the Commercial Radio Association (VCR) and General Director of 538 Groep

“The radio broadcasters that we represent as VCR, make a lot of use of music in their programmes. The stations pay a fee to the copyright owners to play this music based on a licence. It is important for the VCR to have good agreements with Buma/Stemra regarding the terms and conditions of the music use and the level of the fees.

VCR and Buma/Stemra have discussed a new contract extensively. In these discussions, matters such as reasonableness and fairness in the payment model were on the agenda as well as the importance of transparency of the payments to copyright owners.

The shift within the distribution channels was also an important topic. Due to internet, the boundaries of clearly definable silos such as radio and television have become blurred. It is a challenge to find the right approach in this shift in which radio on demand or personalised radio also have a position and to insure that payment models do not conflict with each other. This new situation is complex with many different models. But as long as everyone is convinced that music represents a value that should be paid for reasonably, you will be able to reach agreement on this. We have succeeded in doing this with this agreement and the VCR is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Buma/Stemra for the coming years.”