Interview: William Linders

Director Content at Ziggo

“As the distributor of various tv and radio stations and related services such as video-on-demand, we have entered into various agreements with buma/stemra. This relationship is necessary, on the one hand, to ensure that Ziggo can offer the best and most relevant content products to its subscribers and, on the other hand, to ensure that the creators of the works of music receive adequate compensation.

Ziggo only has to deal with one organisation to make arrangements for the creators of the works of music in question for the numerous services that it provides. This saves time, of course, and also ensures the necessary transparency. As Ziggo, we aim to provide the best possible services to our subscribers and we hope that we can make an arrangement with Buma/Stemra that reflects the efforts of both parties.

Numerous new content products are being developed based on Ziggo subscribers’ changing wishes; the challenge lies in ultimately concluding agreements with Buma/Stemra that do justice to the position of creators and consumers in a fair manner.”