Interview: Rob Bongenaar


Director of the Royal Hospitality Sector Association in the Netherlands Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN)

“KNH has had a sound and open business relationship with Buma/Stemra for years as can be expected of contract partners. Together, we have entered into clearly defined agreements so that there are few differences of opinion or interpretations. Occasionally, there are matters that are unclear in individual cases in the execution. KNH also understands that this is inevitable given the scope of the collective agreement whereby 19,000 members of KNH are involved. Due to the size, there is a gigantic amount of data traffic and many changes are also necessary each year, for which we sometimes have to look for a solution. Actually, we always do find a solution. In the future, we expect that the execution will only become easier also in view of the collaboration with SCAN.

Essential is the understanding for each other’s position. As organisations, we both aim to protect and promote the interests of our stakeholders. KHN for the hospitality sector entrepreneurs who wish to pay as little as possible for the music that they use. And Buma/Stemra for the interests of the affiliated composers, songwriters and music publishers who want to be paid for the commercial broadcasting of their music. Hospitality entrepreneurs wish to offer an experience that attracts guests and music plays an important in this. On the other hand, entrepreneurs have to spend their money wisely in order to ensure the continuity of their business operations.

Buma/Stemra is a promoter of interests just like KNH. The collaboration aims to give the affiliated copyright owners what they are entitled to. KNH provides the added value of membership of the KNH. Members pay a lot less than non-members, and that means that we ensure that KNH members benefit from the added value of their membership.