Interview: Markus Nees

Marcus_NeesCEO International Copyright Enterprise (ICE)

“ICE acts as a service provider for buma/stemra and provides copyright back-office services. However, this is only one aspect in the total relationship between ICE and Buma/Stemra. All ICE customers are confronted with the challenges of an increasingly international and cross-border market. Buma/Stemra is one of the most progressive collective management organisations in Europe. The decision to enter into a collaboration with ICE is characteristic of this progressive approach and contributes significantly to an optimal strategic preparation in a time of change.

ICE’s objective is to offer first-rate solutions for each customer. In addition, ICE aims to bring its customers together, so that an exchange of ideas occurs in order to further improve services and to adapt these services to the constantly changing market situation. Buma/Stemra and ICE have established a constructive working relationship over the past months, based on mutual trust and professionalism. This mutual trust and professionalism is the cornerstone of the relationship and enables us to taken on all future challenges together.

The music landscape has changed drastically and access to music has become more important than the possession of music. This change not only has an effect on the copyright owners but also on the way in which copyright management organisations have to constantly reinvent themselves so that they are able and continue to be able to license new streaming services again and again in an effective and profitable manner and to deal with the processing of “big data”.