Interview: Malin Jonsson

Malin_JonssonCEO of Network of Music Partners (NMP)

“Buma/Stemra provides services to its members, music users and stakeholders in a market that is subject to far-reaching changes due to globalisation and digital transformations. In order to satisfy the demands in this increasingly international arena, international collaborations and partnerships are a must. Buma/Stemra has taken a very important step by outsourcing a number of its activities in the area of processing online music use to NMP. As part of a network with partnerships via NMP, Buma/Stemra is able to realise competitive advantages which in turn benefit the copyright owners.

NMP started successfully providing online services to Buma/Stemra in March 2015. ‘It takes two to tango’, which, of course, is the case in all outsourcing relationships. This means that NMP must respond to the operational requirements swiftly and accurately in order to ensure that Buma/Stemra can fulfil its day-to-day obligations. On the other hand, Buma/Stemra understands that NMP is bound to the agreements that are laid down in the service level agreement.

NMP foresees that commercial parties will acquire a larger market share in the online domain. Commercial copyright management organisations focus on the importance of transparency, the demand for fast and efficient payments to copyright owners and the need for flexible business operations that make use of advanced technology. This is why NMP expects that management organisations in Europe will increasingly opt for the same path as Buma/Stemra and take advantage of collaboration opportunities. As it will become more and more difficult to remain relevant in a commercial market if the decision to combine forces is not taken soon.”