Buma Stemra in brief

The Buma Association and the Stemra Foundation grant licences to music users and distribute the collected revenues to the copyright owners; composers, songwriters and music publishers. Buma does this for the performing rights, Stemra does this for the mechanical rights. The fact that composers, songwriters and music publishers are united in a collective enables them to promote their interests better; simply because combined they are stronger and can collect their royalties from music users more efficiently.

As at the end of 2015, 23,142 composers and songwriters were affiliated with Buma and 22,069 were affiliated with Stemra; 1,214 publishers were affiliated with Buma and 1,233 were affiliated with Stemra; 796 legal heirs were affiliated with Buma and 790 legal heirs were affiliated with Stemra. Buma and Stemra work together as one organisation under one Board, one Council of Members and one Board of Directors. The number of employees amounted to 187 at year-end 2015.

Buma/Stemra wishes to be the best collective management organisation to manage the rights of authors and to promote their interests in a rapidly changing music world and to thus stimulate the development of music in the Netherlands.


Music plays a valuable role in life. The creators are therefore of vital importance. Songwriters, composers and music publishers are entitled to a fair compensation. We contribute to a world full of music.

Buma/Stemra collectively manages the individual copyrights of songwriters, composers and their publishers. We are convinced that collective management is essential for the value of the copyright. We ensure optimal collection and distribution of the revenues. A customer-oriented approach and the customer satisfaction of songwriters and composers and their publishers are leading for us. By protecting the copyright and by increasing the base of support in society, we contribute to a world full of music together with our members.

As a non-profit organisation, we strive for a fair compensation for the members and affiliates and we promote laws and regulations, as well as the interpretation thereof, to protect copyright. We strive for a constant optimisation of the collection and distribution process, also in collaboration with sister organisations. In a wider sense, we continue to work on the improvement of processes such as distribution, increasing our service-orientation and open communication with all stakeholders. We aim to remain among the most efficient European Collective Management Organisations (CMOs).



Kensington at Eurosonic Noorderslag. Photo: Bart Heemskerk