Buma Culture

Buma Culture supports and promotes Dutch music copyright both in the Netherlands and in the most important export markets.  Dutch music is more popular than ever both within the Netherlands and abroad.

The use of Dutch copyright is continuing to grow. Buma Culture makes a major contribution to supporting this by drawing attention to this copyright both in the Netherlands and abroad. Buma Culture does this by organising events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) or Eurosonic Noorderslag. The international music industry convenes at these events and this provides an excellent business opportunity for Dutch music.

Buma Rocks!

Buma Rocks, Photo: Bart Heemskerk

However, Buma Culture does more than organise events. For instance, Buma Culture has set up an effective export programme to provide assistance to successful Dutch bands that wish to enter the international market. Buma Culture also makes its extensive international network available by connecting publishers and parties that are interested in Dutch music.

Buma Culture aims to promote all types of Dutch music. Also music for which there is a smaller (international) market, for instance, music in the Dutch language. Buma Culture succeeded in attracting a lot of media attention for Dutch language music around the event Buma NL.

Remaining sharp and innovative

Each year, thus also in 2015, Buma Culture critically examines the extensive portfolio of events. It then determines to what extent they contribute to the desired objectives after which Buma Culture invests in the event or works on innovating the event. If a concept no longer contributes to the desired objectives it will be phased out or incorporated into another event. For instance, in 2015, the event Rotterdam Beats was incorporated into the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), as it did not bring the desired result as an independent festival. Constantly investing and innovating ensure, in particular in the case of larger events, that they can continue to expand and remain ahead of the international competition.

Music starts with young people

The Buma Music Academy (BMA) is another Buma Culture initiative. The aim of the initiative is to promote inspiring and contemporary music education at secondary schools. It is an inspiring online lesson programme containing pop, hiphop, classical and dance music. In recent years, major cutbacks have been made in music education as this is not regarded as a primary subject. The Buma Music Academy tries to provide some compensation for these huge cutbacks in music education. Buma Culture is looking at exemplary countries such as Sweden, where all children receive music lessons from age 4 to 18. A country with about half the inhabitants in comparison to the Netherlands, but where STIM (copyright organisation of music composers and music publishers in Sweden) has almost four times as many members. But above all, a country where the economic value of music is more than four times as large as in the Netherlands. With the conviction that the ‘momentum’ currently exists in the Netherlands, we should be able to achieve a larger economic value of music, whereby music education is also a foundation for this growth.

Internal Efficiency

The agreed contribution from Buma to Buma Culture was € 5.5 million in 2014 and this will be reduced to € 4.3 million in 2015 and will continue along this line in a requested allocation of € 4.0 million in 2016. That is a positive development. This demonstrates that Buma Culture is a flexible organisation. This efficiency is also achieved by working a lot on a project basis in connection with events. This results in fewer permanent employees and lower internal costs. The events continue to grow each year; however, the contribution from Buma Culture is decreasing. The funding of this growth is also achieved by connecting other brands to the events.