Board Buma/Stemra

Governance model

Over the past years, the governance model of Buma/Stemra has been changed significantly in order to arrive at a more effective model. The point of departure with regard to this governance model is a Board that rises above the interests and focuses in particular on a healthy future for Buma/Stemra.

In order to achieve this, the governing body has been reduced substantially, an independent chairman has been appointed who has not ties to the owners of music rights and a Council of Members has been established. This Council of Members is the primary point of contact for members who wish to bring issues forward or to make their view on certain developments known.

Three years after the introduction of the new governance model, we can conclude that this has resulted in an improvement of the governance organisation, but that the responsibilities of the Board and the Council of Members still have to be defined more clearly. In order to enable the Board to function in a manner that rises above the interests, a clearer division is necessary in the area of promoting the interests of the members. The Board is examining how the points of departure can be defined more precisely and is entering into consultations with the Council of Members on this issue. The Board can rise above the interests and focus on the main issues while the Council of Members represents the specific interests of the copyright owners.



“As the Board, it is our task to serve the interests of the members and affiliates in the collective as optimally as possible.”

“The Board must constantly carefully consider and weigh the various interests. The Council of Members plays an important role in the preparation of decisions and in taking the interests of members into consideration. Not only where operational issues are concerned but also where this concerns the relationship with the Board and the General Assembly.”

Leo de Wit, Chairman of the Board


“The music world, and thus also the management of copyrights, is increasingly taking place at an international level.”

A number of large successful platforms are active worldwide in this area and have developed a large market power. This means that rights management organisations must take a stand together with authors and publishers. Now that a good collaboration exists within, it is time to also start working together in concluding better licence deals with these parties.”

Niels Walboomers, Board Member


“Not everybody actually realises what Buma/Stemra does for the development of the Dutch copyright with events such as Amsterdam Dance Event.”

Buma Culture delivers a great contribution in this area and is co-responsible for the international success. And certainly not only in the area of dance but also in other areas. You see that the pop and dance world are increasingly merging into one.”

Martijn Schimmer , Board Member


Board Buma Association and Stemra Foundation

At 31 december 2015

  • mr. L.A.J.M. de Wit (Chairman of the Board Buma/Stemra)
  • drs. H.O. Westbroek (Vice-Chairman)
  • A.A.L. de Raaff (Secretary)
  • A.D.G. Fiumara
  • mr. drs. L.J. Deuss
  • L.A. Dikker
  • R. Meister
  • M. Schimmer
  • drs. N.M. Walboomers
  • A.B. Molema
  • M.H. Swemle
  • P.L. Perquin
  • R.D. van Vliet